Progressive Slots Information

Progressive slots will attract much attention in online casinos, but these games are not for all players. Many progressives will be costly to play and should probably be avoided by players who are just starting to play in online casinos. For experienced players, these games can create instant millionaires.

Progressive slots are attention getters in a casino. Players will see that a jackpot for millions of dollars can be won by playing a great slot game and will often take a few spins. These slots are very popular in land and online casinos and can literally change the life of a lucky player. With many choices available, slot fans can choose traditional or video slots that are linked to a progressive jackpot. These jackpots will continue to increase, taking a small portion of every wager made and adding it to the available amount.

There are three types of progressive slots, stand alone, in-house and network progressives. Stand alone slot machines are machines that are not connected to a network. This means that they are only offered at one casino and the jackpot available is based solely on wagers on that one machine. In-house progressive slots are very popular and consist of multiple machines in the casino. Since there are different machines involved, more people will play, causing the jackpot to rise faster. It is possible to find an in-house machine that has a jackpot of more than $1 million. Network progressives are the most popular. These are connected through various casinos and can be played in different locations. These slots offer the biggest jackpots of all progressives. There can be thousands of machines linked to the same jackpot, creating the opportunity to win millions.

In addition to the three types of progressives, jackpots can be won in different ways. Some progressive jackpots can only be won during the regular game by getting the correct winning combination. Other machines may offer a progressive amount during a bonus round as well. There are also mini-progressive games that will reward a progressive amount at random. These progressive jackpots can be found on any of the Marvel Comic Slots.

Winning a progressive jackpot can be life changing, especially when that jackpot is worth millions of dollars. Major Millions is a popular progressive game from Microgaming that has paid out many times. One of the largest wins on this machine was for $1.4 million. Mega Fortune, a progressive slot from NetEnt paid out $4.9 million to a player betting $45 per spin.